Joyce Joko Cheong
Graphic design. Illustration. Fine arts. Some coding.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate
Pencil, charcoal, gouache, oil, watercolor

Who Am I?
Hello there! I am an artist based in sunny California, USA. I like to work in both digital and traditional mediums. As a child, I've always had a passion for drawing and painting, ranging from realism to abstract to manga. When Xanga was popular around the early 2000s, I started playing around with basic coding through their editor. (Anyone remember CLAF?). Eventually, I moved onto MySpace for some more slightly complicated coding fun. Centered on my fandom for Asian pop music, in high school, I began my journey into graphic design - creating banners, posters, gifs, and other graphics (along with some cheesy "edgy" fanfics). Throughout college, I've continued honing my fine arts and graphic design skills and have been able to further develop my sense through professional commercial experience. It has definitely been difficult to learn to balance the fine line between what I wanted to do and what clients and businesses wanted. I strive to keep expanding my abilities, pushing my boundaries, and figuring out ways to put my various skillsets to use anywhere I go. Thank you for checking out my site and have fun clicking around (:

- Joyce Joko Cheong

Feel free to reach me by email or social media! (:


Instagram: yini.san

Won Championship for Intramural Flag Football - Soka University - 2012 (Cornerback)

Dedicated to finishing chapstick tubes before losing them

Mediocre at riding mamachari (Japanese basket bicycle)

Joyce Joko Cheong 2020